Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Weekly Chase #2

Sorry this post is so late, it has been a super busy week.  I started a new workout, Camp Gladiator, and it's keeping me busy.  Add to that a Lightning Hockey game and my daughter's softball game last night and it has been non stop.

So let's see how I did with last week goals;

  • Complete week 3 of the Couch to 5k app. I restarted this program after completing the Princess to increase my run intervals in the hope of one day running an entire 5k. - Not complete. Only did 2 of the 3 days but I did run a 5 mile race on Saturday.  This will be put on hold for a bit while I do Camp Gladiator. 
  • Complete the 13th Annual Bolt Run on Saturday in under 1 hour 15 minutes - Achieved! and ROCKED it!  I finished with a great for me time.  I'll be doing a full recap later this week.
  • Track of all my foods for the week.  - Not complete.  I did pretty well except on Saturday when we went to the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot where we ate samples at the kiosks.  It was too hard to keep track.

The goals for this week are....

  • Complete week one of Camp Gladiator.  I'm loving this new workout and I'm super glad that my friend Liz got me started doing this.
  • Complete a 7 mile run at Flatwoods on Saturday
  • Continue to track all of my food for the week

What are your goals this week?  How did you do with your goals last week?  

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  1. Great job on your goals last week! I'm jealous you went to Epcot for the Flower and Garden Festival! ;-) Good luck this week!