Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Disney's Princess Half Marathon Race Recap (part 2)

Part one of the recap can be found here.  The fireworks had just gone off and we were on our way.  The emotions I was feeling were overwhelming.  My daughter said my family was looking for me so I stayed to the left of the crowd and held up my light up rose I was carrying. I had one ear bud in so I could hear my interval notices but no music because I wanted to really enjoy all the course entertainment. Before long, I could hear my mother cheering for me.  It literally sent goosebumps all over my body.

It wasn't long before we had our first course entertainment.  Half a mile in was a high school band. Check out the humidity in the picture.

Before I knew it, the first mile marker appeared

Then there were these kites being flown with the song "Let's Fly A Kite" playing.  It was so cool and I wished for a better picture but it was just impossible with the humidity in the air.

The crowds were not too bad in this area but we had both lanes of the highway.

Mile marker came and I was making great time.  Not my best time but I was having a ball. 

Disney had this great Princess banner set up.  I failed at taking a selfie with it.

The Heroes were next but their line was long...... so a quick run had to do.  Hercules is my daughter's favorite movie so I made sure to get a closer picture of him.  I was hoping their line would be shorter on the return but that was not to time.


I've driven through these gates many a times.  I can not describe the feeling of running through them.  I asked a super nice volunteer to take my picture quickly and kept on moving.

The first 5K was done and I was feeling great!  No pain in my foot, my time was ok and I was having a ball!

These guys were by the Speedway.  Their line was non-existent.  Makes sense since it's a Princess run.

I so wanted this picture! BUT their line was also super long and unless I wanted to end up on the sweeper bus I just had to keep moving.

Originally my family was going to go to the Magic Kingdom after the start line but I received a text from my daughter that they were at the TTC right by the 4 mile marker.  My friend, Keith, was also at the TTC waiting for me to come through.  

I didn't see him but he got these great shots of me as I ran by

Right past Mile Marker 4, I found my family.  I was so awesome to see them.  I really regret not getting pictures with them when I saw them.  A quick encouraging hug from mom and I was on my way feeling great. My pace was steady, there was not pain in my foot and I was having a blast.

These drummer were awesome!

The next part of the course leading to the underpass was super crowded.  I was hard to maintain my intervals so I just fast walked through the area.

The DJ on the overpass was awesome!! 

Mile Marker 5.  The part I was most looking forward to was almost here.

A quick run through backstage and then we were there.  You could hear the crowds before you saw them.  It was surreal.  All those people cheering and in the foggy distance the beautiful castle. 

Once again I found my family (and once again I didn't get a picture with them) got a quick hug and kept moving.  I was in awe of the scene and overwhelmed with emotions.  Loved all of the great signs.

Another failed selfie.....

Then a turn into Tomorrowland where Buzz Lightyear was posing with Princesses

Towards Fantasyland where there was Rabbitt.

and Royal Mickey and Minnie.  Their line was the longest I saw all morning.  While all of the character lines were pretty long, Mickey and Minnie must of been at least a 20 minute wait.  No time for us slow pokes to wait to pose with the characters so I get to share pictures of strangers.

Another selfie with the Castle (they are getting better)

and then the coolest thing ever.. Trumpets!! before going through the castle.  There was no running through, it was crowded.  No big deal, I wanted to walk and just enjoy the moment.  I would daydream about this moment during my long runs.  

Loot at the crowds as we came out of the castle...

I knew to stay to the left to get my picture in front of the castle.  They had 4-5 photographers and the lines moved quickly.  The lovely princess behind me was kind enough to get this great shot.

There is more to come.  Sorry this recap is so long but I have tons of pictures and it being my first, I want to remember all of the details.  Part 3 coming soon.

Did you run the Princess Half?  How did you feel running through the castle?


  1. Even a shuffle through the castle is exciting......we saw a proposal as we left!

  2. Love your recap and your photos! I am awful at selfies, yours are MUCH better than mine!

  3. You got some great photos! When I saw how much reflected humidity I was getting when it was still dark, I just gave up on pics - maybe I shouldn't have!