Saturday, November 30, 2013


So sometime last summer I had the crazy idea to sign up for Disney's Princess Half Marathon.  Why would somebody that has never run (or liked to run) sign up for such an en devour you ask?  Good question.  I ask myself that sometimes still. I participated in the Royal Family 5k in February 2013 and just had a wonderful time at the Run Disney event.  See I love Disney, I love all theme parks so running or walking through the parks was wonderful.  I had been in the parks while other Run Disney marathons and half marathons were taking place.  It is always so much fun to cheer on those running.  So I thought, why not participate, it looks like so much fun.  I didn't really think about the 13.1 miles or the required training.  It was Disney, it involved Princesses and I wanted to be involved.

I started training with the C25K training immediately after signing up but didn't really take it seriously.  I was too busy with excuses to dedicate the time to the training.  I started reading race recaps of previous years and learned about the pace requirements and the "balloon ladies." While these things worried me a bit, I convinced myself that I had plenty of time...or so I thought.

Then came October 1st, the first week in the official Jeff Galloway Training program for the Princess race for beginners.  Now it was time to get serious.  Only life has a way of throwing curve balls our way and November has been a tough month for us.  I'm keeping with the program as closely as possible.  I completed a very slow Zombie 5k on November 9th and finish my first 10k on Thanksgiving.  While I'm feeling a bit more comfortable with the training, I still have a long way to go.

So I'm going to use this blog to track my progress so it will keep me accountable.  I'll also share some great theme park stuff along the way  because I love theme parks.  So join me on this journey and let's see where it ends up.

"For those of you standing, please hold on to the hand rails through out our journey and stay clear of the doors. Por favor, mantengase alejado de las puertas."