Sunday, December 1, 2013

The 5k Zombie Run Race Recap

On November 9th, my family and I participated in the 5k Zombie run.  I wanted to skip this race, due to my mother in law's passing three days earlier, but my husband felt like he had to run in her honor.  So we got up early and headed out to Lake Park in Lutz.  Hubby and I went straight to the registration tables to pick up our bibs while my daughter went to the Zombie are to get her make up done.  For some reason they did not have my husband's registration so we spent some time looking for the email confirmation with his registration details.  After the delay and bit of stress, we located the email and were ready for the race start.

My lovely daughter as a zombie
The race was was suppose to start at 8am but there was some delay getting all of the zombies out on the course.  There were several waves starting  every 30 minutes from 8am until 10am.
The Start Line
At around 8:10am we were off.   Each runner was given 3 flags indicating their "lives".  It was the zombie's job on the course to take them off.  Later on the course, if you were out of flags, the zombies would give you one back.  There were two water stations on the course.

Hubby and I started off together.  Let me tell you that he did not train for this run at all.  We stayed together for about two minutes and then I started walking.  He looked back and I waved him on to run his own race. I just didn't have it in me that morning.

I walked my way through the course, sprinting pass the zombies where necessary.  My first flag was taken away by no one else but my daughter. I tried doing intervals but just wasn't mentally in the race. 

We had received an email earlier in the week that the course may be a bit muddy.  Well, it was beyond muddy in some parts.  At one point, there was a huge muddy puddle that we had to cross.  I made the decision to take off my socks and shoes to cross the mini lake.  The thought of finishing the race in wet muddy shoes was not appealing.
Hubby crossing the finish line

Hubby crossed the finish line in 37 minutes.  It took me almost an hour to get across.   While I enjoyed the race, mentally I was just not into the race.   Once we were done, we looked for my daughter so we could leave.  She was still on the course so we asked one of the race volunteers to try and find her for us since we had to leave.  She was able to find her and get her to the start line for us. 

The after race festivities looked fun but we could not stay.  Hubby is already talking about doing this race again next year.  It was very well run event, with some cool swag (medal and t-shirt) and what looked like a cool after party.