Thursday, January 30, 2014

My guess on estimated start time for Disney's Princess Half Marathon


Hello Princesses!!

So with all of the excitment of the corrals being released today by runDisney, I decided to see if I could put together estimated start time for each corrals.  This is just a guess and in no way official from Disney.  Just going by reports from the WDW Marathon weekend and then guessing based on the number of runners in the corrals.

Again, this is just a guess. 

It appears there will be 25,090 runners participating in the Half Marathon on Sunday.  So even if you are running "alone", we will all be surrounded by over 25,000 wonderful runners all participating in a Magical race.


  1. Wow, Thanks for taking the time to figure this out, even if it is "unofficial". I would be happy if there really were only 2 minutes between each corral ( so we don't have to wait long). But in reality, 2 minutes doesn't seem like enough time to move all those princess in each corral. What do you think?

  2. From my understanding, that's how they did it for the WDW Marathon weekend. With less people in the corrals ( only 500 in the first couple) they may be able to get it done...we will see

  3. This looks about right and it makes sense that they would do it like they did Marathon weekend because they had the corrals to P then as well. Thanks for putting it all on a graph and saving me the counting in my head! LOL! I'm so excited!!!

  4. What about running the Watermelon Run on july 4th to fill up the 14th spot. It is a 5K run and would round out your runs as you dont have any in July! Sounds like you have a fun year planned.