Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Weekly Chase #4

Oh what a week it has been.  I didn't do any blogging at all last week and I'm sadden that I missed a weekly chase.  I appreciate you guys reading this because it keeps me accountable.  Otherwise, things have gotten so busy, I might just stop being accountable all together.

So let's look at the goals from two weeks ago...

  • Complete week two of Camp Gladiator.  This will only be complete if I go 4 days. - Completed!  Both weeks two and three of Camp Gladiator are complete.  I am loving this workout and plan to continue to go.  This is the final week for this session and there there is an off week before the next session. 
  • Complete 5 mile run on Saturday - Failed.  I only completed about 2.5 miles.  My legs were super tired. 
  • Continue to track all of my food for the week - Completed but I've decided that it's not just about tracking but paying attention to what I'm eating and making better choices.  This goal will evolve.  I was talking to my CG trainer and he suggested that I incorporate much more protein into my food intake.  He made a breakfast suggestion I'm going to try this week. 
  • Get caught up on the blog.  I have two race recaps and a Universal Mardi Gras review to get posted and I'm hoping to get that done this week. BIG FAT FAIL!!  Not only did I not get caught up, I completely missed last week's The Weekly Chase.  I must work on this.  It's number one priority at this point.

Here are the goals for this week....

  • Complete the final week of my first Camp Gladiator session
  • Complete both the Shark Tooth 10 and the Iron Girl 5k this weekend
  • Post race recaps for both races along with the 13th Annual Bolt Run
  • Incorporate more protein into my food intake - making my nutrition 40% carbs, 40% protein and 20% fat as suggested by my CG trainer

What are your goals this week?  Are you staying accountable?  What keeps you accountable to your goals?

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  1. Sounds like a great week! I too am trying to build my protien intake and am doing better thanks to my fitness pal. The first couple of days of food tracking were pretty eye opening for me. WAY too much sugar and sodium in my diet.